Expandere – Meeting to grow

EXPANDERE is the name of the meeting held by the Abbey of Urbisaglia Fiastra (MC) last April 14th. The theme of the meeting was “Meeting to grow” within the Health Care division: the discussion was based on the network between public and private sectors. These were the interventions: Dr. Antonio Draisci Vice-President of A.R.E. (Associazione Regionale Economi e Provveditori Emilia-Romagna e Marche) who is also Provveditorato – Economato Manager at the Hospital S. Salvatore di Pesaro;  Dr. Michele Caporossi , direttore SOD  Innovation, Research and Development director of Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona and eng. Alessio Viti    Loccioni humancare Account Manager. Moderator of the meeting Dr. Pasquale Chiarelli, Compagnia delle Opere healthcare chain Manager.

Dr. Draisci explained A.R.E. activity, underlining the importance of the core issues which are daily faced considering that every professional choice is always related to the compliance with ethical and moral values.L’associazione cerca di creare collaborazioni con aziende per offrire ai propri associati, provveditori e collaboratori, un’allargata rete di informazioni al fine di avere gli strumenti per fare attente valutazioni e puntare all’eccellenza. The association is trying to create partnerships with companies to offer its associates, supervisors and employees, an extended information network in order to have the tools to make careful assessments and aim for excellence.

Dr. Caporossi told the experience matured at Ancona hospital with Loccioni humancare within the field of Lab@AOR activities. The laboratory has allowed a total reorganization of processes based on automation of chemotherapeutic preparations, on the prescriptions computerization and on the administration to patients.

Dr. Caporossi concluded by inviting all those who have good ideas and the wish to innovate in health to be open to such experiences so that ideas may become true.

The word then passed to eng. Viti who, explaining Lab@AOR measurement based working methodology to propose innovative solutions, described the origin of the collaboration with Ancona Hospital. A sui generis report, quoting what eng. Viti said:  “it is a collaboration born from a handshake, without any economic speeches”, with the sole intention of both parties to get involved.

Time has shown a very constructive relationship: the knowledge transfer between the two realities has enabled clinicians to offer patients a high quality service and Loccioni humancare to provide a product tailored to the hospital needs.  

It is now clear how rich was the exchange especially when there is a common goal: in this case the search for quality health service was the least common denominator of the meeting.

Everywhere it has been possible to consider how important a good network of relationships may be without purposeful people whose final goals are: efficiency, quality and productivity.

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