APOTECA in training

Corso di Formazione Continua Ospedale Murri di Jesi

Last 31st March, a training day for pharmacists, nurses and oncologists was held at the Centro Formazione Continua Ospedale Murri in Jesi with the topic Chemical risk in Oncology.

Among the speakers Dr. A. D’Arpino (OU Pharmacy, Ospedale Narni-Amelia) who explained how he revised the work in a pharmacy without U.F.A. with the future program to centralize the development of anticancer drugs, Dr. E. Guglielmino (OU Medical Physics, Ospedale San Salvatore Pesaro) who focused on the chemical risks associated with drug administration in the division and their disposal. Dr. M. Ursini (Operative Unit Industrial Protection and Prevention Service , Asur Marche Z.T. n.12 S. Benedetto del Tronto) introduced the legislation on the Testo Unico (formerly 626) while Dr. C. Bufarini (U.O. Pharmacy, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Ospedali Riuniti Ancona) brought his experience matured in Ancona in the Lab@AOR. An intervention involving people in the room speaking about an innovative reality safely preparing chemotherapy drugs thanks to APOTECAchemo. The course, in its simplicity and informality, gave an overall image of hospital pharmacies daily involved in the different risks linked to the safety of the operators and patients and traceability of products and devices. In conclusione, every company health and hospital is equipping to reduce them according to their availability investing in innovation.


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