APOTECA at the University of Milan

Dott. Micheli, prof. Corsini, Dott. Viti

On the 21st January 2010, by the University of Milan, Department of Pharmacology, doct. Marcello Micheli, Pharmacy and UFA Manager of Usl 6 of Livorno,  has discussed  the final dissertation of the second level Master in Oncological Pharmacy and Pharmacology, coordinated by  prof. Alberto Corsini. Loccioni humancare was there with Eng. Alessio Viti as a tutor.

The discussion focused on the experience of  antiblastic drugs laboratory centralization in Livorno hospital, started last February 2009 with  Loccioni humancare machine introduction which daily automates  the preparation of chemotherapeutic  drugs.

“The automation system adopted by the UMaCA of Livorno Hospital allows a process efficiency  since it can focus on the same objectives researched just at the beginning of the process and more precisely:
- optimisation of the drugs use  
- costs reduction
- optimisation of the therapies planning and scheduling.
On the other hand the manipulation process automation allows to reach as  many other important goals such as the ones targeted to the finished product safety and the operators involved:  
- dosing accuracy
- dead times reduction
- continuous production flow
- localisation and automatic management of the possible error causes
- manual efforts reduction.
For this reason I think that adopting this process may represent more a resource than an investment for the USL6, since the centralization of  therapies allows, together with respecting the current standards, a safe quality system.”

(dissertation abstract “Centralizzazione dell’allestimento delle chemioterapie antiblastiche, riduzione del rischio clinico: esperienza del P.O. di Livorno – Azienda USL6(Antiblastic chemotherapeutic drugs preparation centralization: esperienze at Livorno Hospital – Azienda USL6) , Master in Oncological Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Pharmacy University , University of Milan; doct. Marcello Micheli)

Martina Mazzarini

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