Assistance as an opportunity for research


Loccioni humancare for the third year at SIFO Congress has presented APOTECAchemo to an international background,  the last generation of applied automation to the process of chemotherapy drug preparation in hospital pharmacies. APOTECAchemo is the result of all market requirements gathered in the last two years working directly and actively with and within hospitals.

The collaboration with the designer Isao Hosoe has allowed the engineering workflows around the machine and an improvement in the ergonomics for the technician;  the performance through a higher speed and the accuracy in the robot movements have remarkably increased and the SW integration with any software ensures total quality in the oncology sector.

With APOTECAchemo, automation from product becomes system. Over 100 the realities contacted: large hospitals, research centres and health units in large areas.

Martina Mazzarini

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