Tenth step: APOTECAcommunity at ASL 3 of Foligno

The last 5th March APOTECACommunity ON THE ROAD visited the pharmacy of ASL 3 Umbria of Foligno.

Dr. Maria Antonietta Calzola, responsible for APOTECA project, welcomed Loccioni humancare group with her usual and typical enthusiasm.
In a cosy contest the Community talked to collect feedbacks about installed updates in order to value the result of the activity carried out by R&D team during the last months and to gather suggestions for further implementation.

The meeting was a perfect occasion to re-share the common targets, Dr. Calzola highlighted her will to raise the automatic chemotherapy compound  to 90% of prescripted therapy.

A goal easily achievable considering the re-organization of the laboratory activity only began some months ago.

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