Validation: from the idea to the clinical application


Loccioni humancare periodically performs validation procedures relative to the entire APOTECAchemo System and to the drugs  handled.

New inputs for the continuous engineering of fhe System coming from the users are developed by the Loccioni humancare R&D department and new features are clinically validated in our Alfa site in Ospedali Riuniti di Ancona. New software versions are than installed in all hospitals where APOTECA is.

Also drugs validation is performed exclusively at our Alfa site: whenever the market shows a new drug and/or the packaging of drugs already administered changes, new parameters are settled and statistic methods are applied to consider the drug validated.

After positive outcome, the new drug can be automatically handled by all the APOTECA through software update of the system.

Latest drugs issued are: Adriblastine 50mg (Pfizer), Campto 300mg/15ml (Pfizer), Carboplatin 600mg/600ml (Hospira), Gemcitabine 1g (Sun), Paclitaxel 150mg/25ml (Ebewe) Yondelis 1mg (Pharma Mar)

It is available on the market a new drug whose active ingredient is the Tocilizumab: validation is planned by the end of October.

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