About Loccioni humancare

We are a network of innovators in healthcare. What we do originates from the interaction of clinical and technical knowledge and is the result of a method having conversation and measurement as its core values.

It’s in our DNA to build communities of healthcare professionals and develop with them new ways of caring, by exploiting Loccioni Group’s expertise in automation, measurement, sensors and sustainability. Above all, we aim to design innovation that is made for humans focusing on health, nutrition and wellness as the three clusters where man can express and evolve.

We look for complex and bothersome problems that require systematic analysis, technological know-how and creativity to be solved. Once problems are identified, our R&D department works to solve them in collaboration with our clinical partners within the clinical research frameworks we have built with them, such as:

  • The Lab@AOR: the laboratory originating from the public-private partnership with the Ancona Uninversity Hospital, aiming at developing a comprehensive approach to innovation in healthcare.
  • The Lab@JHU: activated at the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, it develops and researches technologies to realize non-invasive diagnosis instruments through the human breath analysis.
  • The Lab@ULIASSI: from the kitchen of a famous Italian chef it is possible to analyze the aspects of nutrition according to the characteristics and the needs of every human being.

After sharing information, expertise and knowledge with everyone involved, a prototype is realized that is then install in the context of use and validated by our scientific team. The continuous engineering of the solution helps obtaining a customized solution ready to be replicated in other contexts.

Once validated and disseminated the solution, conversation groups, called communities, are established with all users in order to create quality standards and generate new projects which meet the individual and collective Community needs.